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Typically these machines are used to clean wire Rod and Pipe. The can also be modified to blast cylinders and hollow pipe as well. These machines are preferred over chemical pickling in many applications as well as friendlier to our environment.


For solid rod or wire in diameter up to 4", a small blast chamber uses several blast wheels for optimal coverage. The material is fed through the chamber from rolls or specified stock length. A recoiler or exit conveyor is typically used.


Round, Squares, Flats and other shapes can be cleaned in this machine.

A skew Roll Machine feeds large bar, pipe or cylinders through the chamber on rollers. The work piece oscillates and is blasted by several strategically placed blast wheels inside the chamber.


The Coil wire units are used for larger diameter coiled wire to remove impurities and provide a finish for coating. The Mandrels on each door spin which causes the coil to stretch providing optimum blast coverage to the wire. Each door can be loaded and blasted independently.


Kotlyn, Inc. can help determine what is the best application for your process.




Kotlyn Inc. has done excellent work for SIFCO on our tumblasts, the crews are knowledgeable and very efficient at what they do and I know I can depend on them to get our equipment back up and running as soon as possible.