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KSB Monorail

Spinner Hanger machines are used primarily for larger and odd shaped work surfaces that are delicate or thin walled material. The machines can be fully automated and part of a larger inline operation.


The most typical application a double door design that a hanger is loaded with the work piece(s) and loaded into the cabinet to be blasted while the hanger spins. A second door with hanger typically is added so the operator can load while the other hanger is in the blast cabinet.


Another option is to have an indexing system with several chambers on the machine that spin into the blast stream. Size of Part being blasted determines amount of chambers. This utilizes continuous blast, loading and unloading from the operator.


Kotlyn, Inc. can help you achieve the desired finish, profile or peening application that is required.




Kotlyn Inc. has done excellent work for SIFCO on our tumblasts, the crews are knowledgeable and very efficient at what they do and I know I can depend on them to get our equipment back up and running as soon as possible.