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A fully trained and experienced service technician will Inspect, access and assist with minor adjustments of your Abrasive Blast equipment and Dust Collectors located in your facility.


A complete Inspection and Service Report will be presented as part of this service.


Kotlyn, Inc. Inspection Guidelines:

  1. Complete Machine and Dust Collector Inspection in both the running and idle modes.
  2. Detailed analysis with digital photos to back up my analysis
  3. Detailed part requirements when customer provides machine manual for reference.
  4. Multi-source part availability
  5. Detailed Action Plan allowing for customers production requirements.
  6. Complete package provided on Disc or Jump Drive
  7. Optional Action Plans using customer labor with Kotlyn Supervision.
  8. Dust Collector Action Plan with options
  9. Inspection review with maintenance to allow them to take immediate corrective action.
  10. Telephone Consultations available should customer decide to do the work themselves and run into trouble.


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Kotlyn Inc. has done excellent work for SIFCO on our tumblasts, the crews are knowledgeable and very efficient at what they do and I know I can depend on them to get our equipment back up and running as soon as possible.