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filter bags
filter bags

Filter Bags

Kotlyn Inc. can supply  fabric filter bags for your dust collection system in a wide variety of fabrics, finishes, styles and sizes. Because of the variety of particulates collected and individual operational conditions of collection systems, selection of replacement filters should be determined through careful analysis of your current operating parameters.


Filter Cages

We can supply quality support cages for use in most baghouses. Properly designed cages serve as critical baghouse components for optimum bag performance and durability.


We offer specialty cage designs for specific applications.


Pleated Filter Elements

A combination of pleated high-efficiency filtration media and an inner support core that forms a one-piece element that fits directly into your existing baghouse tubesheet. Replaces traditional filter bags and cages.


Pleated Filter Advantages

  • Requires less compressed air pressure to pulse clean
  • Operates across a wide range of temperatures and applications Increases filtration area 2-3 times
  • Dramatically reduces air-to-cloth ratios
  • Reduces operating pressure differential
  • Reduces collection operational energy costs
  • Direct replacement for bags and cages
  • Substantially reduces installation time
  • Shorter length keeps the elements out of the inlet gas stream, reducing abrasion
  • Significantly more efficient than standard felt media




Kotlyn Inc. has done excellent work for SIFCO on our tumblasts, the crews are knowledgeable and very efficient at what they do and I know I can depend on them to get our equipment back up and running as soon as possible.